Water Marble inspired by Dyngus Day

Last Monday inspired me to make water marble manicure, because it was Dyngus Day (or Wet Monday)

Water Marble nail art tutorial | nailsontime.wordpress.com

For this tutorial you need:

– navy blue polish

– white polish

– dark green polish

– masking tape

– cotton buds

– a bowl with warm water

– polish remover

– a needle

Paint two coats of white polish.

Water Marble nail art tutorial | nailsontime.wordpress.com

When celebrated:

It is always on first Monday following Easter. This holiday is popular in Poland.

Prepare a bowl with warm water.

Water Marble nail art tutorial | nailsontime.wordpress.com

Cut two stripes of masking tape and wrap it around your nail.

Water Marble nail art tutorial | nailsontime.wordpress.com

Drop one dark green polish, it should spread out (you can help them by moving a bowl a little) continue dropping with navy blue, green, blue, green and blue again.

Water Marble nail art tutorial | nailsontime.wordpress.com

Now mix them together.

Water Marble nail art tutorial | nailsontime.wordpress.com

Dip your finder into the pattern and clean the excess polish from the bowl using cotton bud.

Water Marble nail art tutorial | nailsontime.wordpress.com Water Marble nail art tutorial | nailsontime.wordpress.com

Slowly pull it out of the water.

Repeat on each nail. (You can experiment with different colors.)

The tradition:

During that day boys wet down girls they seem attractive

When you’re done, start pulling out the tape.

The superstition:

In past girls believed that, when girl don’t get wet it brings bad luck and she won’t be married.

Clean your fingers with polish remover

And that’s the final look.

Water Marble nail art tutorial | nailsontime.wordpress.com

Hope you’ll try it soon.

Video tutorial below.


Easter – bunnies & eggs manicure

As I have a Spring break now, I have a little more time for the blog. Today you have bunnies and eggs manicure tutorial and a few facts about Easter.

Easter bunny/eggs nails | nailsontime.wordpress.com

For this tutorial you need:

-pink polish

-white polish

-blue polish

-black polish with thin brush

First paint 4 nails pink, 4 white and 2 blue.

Easter bunny/eggs nails | nailsontime.wordpress.com

Easter date

Easter is a movable feast, which means that it isn’t on the same calendar day each year. It is determined by the moon, on the first Sunday after first full moon following the vernal equinox.

Paint second coat.


Easter bunny originally played the role of a judge, whether children were good or naughty at first was bringing Easter eggs for the children, now it brings also candies and toys.

Make a sketch of your bunnies.

Easter bunny/eggs nails | nailsontime.wordpress.com

Decorate eggs with pattern of your choice, as you can see I used many dots 🙂

Easter bunny/eggs nails | nailsontime.wordpress.com

On bunnies draw ears, eyes, nose, mouth and blush on cheeks.

Easter bunny/eggs nails | nailsontime.wordpress.com


Egg is a symbol of a new life in many cultures or a hope for an eternal life, inter alia in Poland they are decorated.

I think the most popular game during Easter is egg hunting, where they are hidden in various places for children to find them.

For more detailed explanation watch video.

Hope you like it and you’ll try it by yourself.

International Woman’s Day- Flower manicure

Today is our, International Woman’s Day, because of that I painted flowers on nails 🙂

Flower nails| nailsontime.wordpress.com

For this tutorial you need:

-white polish

-two pink polishes

-green polish


Paint eight nails white and two pink and wait to dry.

Flower nails| nailsontime.wordpress.com

Feast of Women is celebrated every year as a tribute to the victims of the struggle for women’s equality. It was established to commemorate the strike of 15,000 women textile factory workers, who on March 8, 1908, in New York demanded voting rights and improve working conditions. The factory owner closed the strike in the factory premises with the intention of avoiding publicity. As a result of a fire emergency, 129 women died.

Paint second coat.

Every year it is different theme for the day. The International Woman’s Day theme for 2015 is ‘Make It Happen’ with a dedicated hashtag for social media. It makes all woman connect together and feel we have “Girl Power”.

I made two different flowers. First type is made from 4 dark pink dots and one light pink in the middle(you can change colors). Blend them to the center using needle.

Flower nails| nailsontime.wordpress.com

Second flower: Draw a light pink dot, and onto that add dark pink dot. And again using needle, blend these two colors in circle motion.

Flower nails| nailsontime.wordpress.com

At the end draw green stalk with leaves with your green polish.

Watch my video tutorial:

Flower nails| nailsontime.wordpress.com

And that’s the finished look. I hope I inspired you. Stay strong and have a nice day.

Cute Polar Bears

On 27th it is International Polar Bear day. Lovely creatures, so guess what? Today Polar Bears on nails 🙂

Polar Bear nails| nailsontime.wordpress.com

You need:

-black polish with thin brush

-blue polish

-white polish

Paint you nails blue and let them dry.

Polar Bear nails| nailsontime.wordpress.com

Did you know that…

Polar bears are the world’s largest terrestrial carnivore? Its Latin name means “sea bear”, because of the time it spends in, or around the water (including ice).

Paint second coat and wait again.

Why are Polar Bears white?

Their fur is not actually white, it just looks that way. Each hair is pigment-free and transparent with a hollow core that scatters and reflects visible light, which means it is clear and their skin is black.

Paint white semicircles at the end of your ring fingers.

Polar Bear nails| nailsontime.wordpress.com

On your middle fingers draw footsteps consisting of one big circle and 3 small.

Add ears to your bears.

Draw snow on the rest of your nails and above bears.

At the end paint black nose and eyes on the bears. Now just wait to dry and that is it.

Polar Bear nails| nailsontime.wordpress.com

Why should we care about them?

Except fact that Polar Bears are cute and cuddly 😉 there are many important reasons. Bears are known as an umbrella species. Many organisms are somehow connected to them. For example, the Arctic Foxes eat the left over seal carcass after the polar bear is done.

There is a lot of going on, so if something is not clear watch video.

Famous Cats for their day.

I am a cat-lover and cats have their day tomorrow, which is so cool 😉 So today kitties nails.

Paint your nails black.

Cat's manicure | nailsontime.wordpress.com

International Cat Day is on February 17th, it comes from Italy since 1990 and is called Giornata mondiale del gatto.

Why 17th? Number 17, in Italian tradition has always been considered as a number bearer of doom, in the past, this term was given to the cat.

Paint second coat and wait to dry.

Famous cats:

-“Fred the Undercover Kitty” – a cat, which were used in 2006 by New York police in actions of exposing illegal veterinary practice. In February 2006 Fred has been registered as a secret agent.

-Frank and Louie- was the oldest cat with two faces. He also had two noses, three ears and three eyes. Normally people anesthetize animals like this one, because of birth defects and huge problems with eating, but the clinic worker decided to give him a chance. Some people would say he was a monster, but I think he was cute and I would do exactly the same and take him home.

Cat's manicure | nailsontime.wordpress.com

Draw yellow eyes and pink, triangle nose.

A few more famous cats:

-Tardar Sauce- known as Grumpy Cat, born on April 4th, 2012, is a Internet celebrity known for grumpy facial expression. She lived to see her movie “Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever”

-Cats from cartoons Eg. Garfield, Tom from Tom&Jerry, kids love them 🙂

Cat's manicure | nailsontime.wordpress.com

Draw white whiskers, correct eyes with black nail polish with thin brush and draw pupils.

When they dry, it’s ready 🙂

If you want to see the whole process of me making it, watch video.